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Monday, 9 February 2015

Love thyself

Why do you workout?

Why do you get dressed/buy a new shirt/put on makeup?

Why do you want to change/better yourself?

I hope it comes from a place of love and not low self esteem.

When it comes right down to it, no one will love you more or put you fist more then you can. Fo I love my family? Of course!!! More then I could possibly explain. My friends?  Yes..a thousand percent! But that doesn't mean that they all come be for I do.

Sure...sometimes it feels like you are running around and giving everything of yourself. We do that often, especially as mothers.. .give give give .. and we do it happily...  but always.. I am very serious when I say this.. ALWAYS take some time for yourself.. to grow yourself, and to love yourself!

You will be better at everything if you do.

You will be more consistent  with diet and exercise becasue you are coming from a place of growth. You want to see how amazing your body can be. You want to hit those elusive milestones (maybe be on stage in bikini, maybe run 5k, maybe do a triathlon,  maybe walk up three flights of stairs without wheezing) becasue you know you deserve to and not for someone else.

If you love yourself you will see clearly when you are being taken advantage of. You will be able to make decisions based on whats best for you and those important to you and not be skewed by feelings of being worthless or less than.

When you love yourself you are more confident and draw amazing people I to your life becasue you freely give out compliments and look at others like how you look at yourself. You dont tear others down to try to build yourself up to fill in that love deficit.  You are a strong person and make others strong too. Ego, rejection, loss wont rattle you as much.

The bottom line is.. if you dont love yourself how can you truly love anyone else?

Listen to me.. hear what I am telling you LOUD and CLEAR. YOU DESERVE to feel good in your own skin. That comes from self love.   YOU DESERVE to be healthy, to be happy and to surround yourself with incredible people. Start by throwing those negative voices in your head away. You deserve LOVE! !!


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