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Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Weekly Food Journal

I have been inspired by something on Pinterest :

"Anyone can work out for an hour a day, what you decide tonyou on your plate for the remaining 23 is the hard part"

Wow.. light bulb right!?!?! Becasue it is 1000000000% TRUE. Your body is 70% what you put in your mouth, 10% genes and 20% exercise and any qualified trainer will tell you that.. some will even bring that number closer to 80 or 90%

Sure, there are many many things that affect what we eat.. work, lifestyle,  schedules, etc etc but all of them can be overcome with proper planning.  So..I will show you what I eat for this entire week. Not only will this help to give you an idea of some clean options and portion sizes but it will also keep me on track as I need to start dialing in my diet if April will be my competition date.

First thing first.. plan it out! Im an old fashioned girl when it comes to that so paper and pencil it is. Close to competition the diet gets quite restricted and a little boring.. yes.. those pictures of row upon row of Tupperware is competition dieting (can you say fish for breakfast ???? ) but that is by far not the norm of my yearly food consumption. Good food is pleasure and giving up sugar and refined carbs does not mean you have to give up flavour.

In all honesty I much prefer going to the grocery store, seeing what is fresh and inspiring and plan in my menu from there. .and I have no issue going every day. I rarely make the same thing twice in 6months and leftovers are for breakfast or lunch..never supper again. I get just as bored with food as I do workouts! 

I will.plan on baking a treat and a healthy snack each week and the rest is made from what I have in the pantry and the fridge.  Here is what im looking at for the week but it could certainly change once I get to the store!

Snacks: protein balls, shakes, raw almonds and pecans, sliced fruit and veges with clean "dips" almond butter, peanut butter, hummus, salsa etc, boiled egg, popcorn

Breakfast: protein pancakes, oatmeal & fruit, greek yoghurt, eggs poached/boiled/scrambled, baked oatmeal/quinoa, guacamole on toast

Lunch: leftovers from clean supper, tortilla wraps with veg and lean meat, salads with protein (chicken/tuna/beans), home.made soup

Supper: shrimp curry, chicken in salsa, roasted salmon and veg, turkey breast mashed cauliflower,  lean meatballs and brown rice,  bbq steak and leeks

Drink: WATER, herbal teas, ginger tea, arbonne fizz tabs, coffee (black)

I will post the weekly pics all together on Sunday night. I hope it helps to inspire you to take a close look at your diet and see if you can make small changes to eat more frequently,  to drink more water, and to choose healthy options when it consents fill in your.plate.

food is fuel.


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