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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Thursday HIIT day ♥

Started out with more kickboxing ♥♥♥♥♥ Maddy is having an awesone class so we were going over some moves.. and I learned to roundhouse kick..sweet!!!

Feeling how hard you can punch a pad is very empowering. I absolutely love it. We were both dying by the end of our circuit.

Not quite worn out enough after and water break, we set up a High Intensity Interval Training routine. 45 seconds of activity and 15 seconds rest between exercises.  If you want to significantly increase your cardio and calorie burn...throw some HI IT into your workout schedule. 

Skipping, burpees with tuck jump, box jumps, pull ups, lunge jumps, v sits, plank, ropes, push ups.. do them all..or pick a few, but dont stop... push yourself!

We then rolled and stretched.  The whole workout, incl the boxing would have taken about an hour.  Today we were a little chatty and it took a bit more time.. gym time for me is about exercise, but also I want it to be fun. I look forward to coming each and every day, seeing some great friends, and getting healthier. Win win win

Sweat sweat!

Protein waffles

I dont have too many kitchen gadgets.

I have purchased a few and end of giving them away as they just collect dust in the cupboards.. there at three (4 including the toaster) that I do use regularly. .my Hand immersion blender, my KitchenAid stand mixer (cant live without this!), and my waffle maker.

I bought it on a whim...I think after a sunny vacation stay in a hotel where they had one on the breakfast know the kind where you put in the batter, flip it and when the green light goes on.. taa daaaa!!!! A beautiful,  light, fluffy and warm waffle... a far cry from the frozen toaster variety. Sooo..out I went and bought a waffle maker as close to the professional variety as I could find and I haven't looked back since!

I always make my own pancake batter ..and to throw it into the waffle maker instead of a fry pan is is just as easy and the kids love it!

You can literally cook anything in it... from traditional stuffed filled ones to sandwiches to stuffing.

You have probably seen my protein pancake recipe..which is great in a fry pan...below is how I made it in my waffle iron and it awesome!! Flavour town.

I am very rough in measurements when it comes to this so here goes...

A handful of oatmeal, 2 eggs, handful of coconut,  3ish teaspoons of ground flax, 1 small banana, 2scoops Arbonne vanilla protein powder...mix and throw it in.. delish!

Make a few up..pop them in the fridge and toast in the morning (1/2 a waffle is tons!) And top with almonds & maple syrup, or pb, or blueberries stewed with some balsamic, sliced strawberries and drizzle of macademia nut oil and a touch of honey, add dome ginger, cloves and cinnamon to the batter and tip woth applesauce.....or however you want! So filling, tons of protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.

Start your day off!


Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Have you ever?

How many times have you thought... "man I would love to be able to do that" ?

Thats when you need to set an absolutely ridiculous goal and out steps in place to get there.

I love doing this... you are empowering yourself, you are deciding how your life will play out, you are taking control.

Does it always work out? Well..if you give it enough time and work at it...yes is does. If you quit halfway through...not so much. Sure there are obstacles that will get in the way..but every step going forward is still moving in the right direction !

Soo.... this brings me tonmy latest goal.. I want to be able to do a free standing handstand... dont laugh!

When I set this goal I per my usual no holds barred type of attitude and did about 40 handstand a day.. I may have over done it a bit and it may or may not be the reason  my back went out :/. is the lesson ..I will continue that goal and by the end of the year I know I will be popping h andstands wherever I want. .but to get there I will be doing 5-10 a day instead of 40 ;) .

Continuous Consistency Perseverance


Cooking "en masse"

It is alwaus a greay idea to cook a lot of food at one time.. especially things you can can change up through the week.

When you are prepping vegetables..what's one more of each?

Cook two chicken breasts or four?

These are huge timemsavers, make your weekday meals easier to put together, and helps you stay on track. Here are few tips andnideas like I like to incorporate into my week.

-at the beginning of the week cut up a healthy of celery and a bag of carrots and keep them in the fridge.

-make your healthy baked good. A couple dozen protein pancakes, coconut flour muffins, protein balls etc etc..

-boil a pot of quinoa..perfect for a quick base for stirfrys or salads or hot breakfast.

-saute a bunch of mixed veges. Keep simple and plain so that they can be thrown into an omelet, added to shrimp and made into a curry, or a quick hearty salad with feta and balsamic.

-cook 4ish chicken breasts.  Slick them and have ready for a quick sandwich, to grab for a lunch in a tortilla with salsa and greek yogurt and avocado... ot I will nibble on a few pieces when im craving a snack but not actually hungry. .a touch of siracha ..yummy

Cook in bulk and set yourself up for success the rest of the week :)

Eat clean and train dirty my friends :)

Can wait to get back (pun intended ..again)

Have you noticed all of my past blog posts have been food related?

Well.. that's becasue per Chiro orders... I wasn't working out all of last week.. :( was a very long week where I spent a lot of time stretching and rolling by mostly feeling sorry for myself, baking and eating and trying to move as little as possible. I was in bad shape. There was also maybe a little bit of wine drank :/  ..

I am the first to say that this is absolutely NOT how you should handle something like this!!! Ok I make it sound really bad.. really I did spend about 4ish hours throughout the day working on my back, still ran kids to activities and made sure supper was on thebtablet and the baking and drinking was really not that much but I was in a rut .

For myself, exercise is so greatly tied to my mental health, and I noticed a huge change in my body (not in a good way!) Just from one week of not moving. Im sure the average person who see's me with my cloths on wouldnt notice a thing..but I do!

Am I critical of myself? 100% .  We all are right? Things we say to ourselves,  what we put ourselves through that we would never want anyone else to... we need to stop that voice in our heads sometimes. Personally, that voice is also what drives me to succeed so find that healthy balance with your head space :)

Finally.. feeling back to my 100%. I was SO pumped to get back to the gym and wanted cardio and weights and everything i could throw at myself... so I talked to my workout partner Maddy about doing a kickboxing workout with me. This is one of the hardest hours you will spend at the gym..and one of the most rewarding. It works your entire body and is incredible for cardio. .if im being honest... I needed to hit sh*!. 

Hands wrapped, gloves on and punching pads is a major stress reliever!!!

Back to my regular schedule and a good head space with a healthy body! Thank you for your patience in waiting for my back and will begin more workout posts :) xo


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Yo-Yo

Yo yo dieting weight goes ↓ weight goes ↑ weight goes ↓ weight goes ↑ and really.... all you do is end up going
           ←←←←← →→→→→→

I have some time... I think I'm to the task.. and I may just gain a few enemies after this.. but you know what.. don't care! 

I feel bad for people who are so desperate to lose inches (this in itself is a huge issue! Please read other posts about self worth,  self acceptance,  and the striving to be healthy and not stick thin) that they are willing to do whatever to their own bodies at whatever monetary cost. The industry of weight loss rather then health and wellness is atrocious.

I will let you in on a little secret.. regardless of what you are told, or how many studies are done to prove otherwise, or how much info, testimonials, or internet articles are handed to you to say this or that system works...  they only way to be healthy and ultimately lose excess inches is by moving your butt and eating a clean, healthy, well balanced diet.!

Have you dropped a few hundred bucks on a months supply of food from a bag? You lost 10lbs!! must work then right? How about the month when you start eating real food again? or dont buy into the system?, or come to the realization that it just isnt enjoyable? ... back up go the scales....often gaining back more then you lost. Not to mention that the majority of that crap is made in a lab & highly processed containing huge amounts of artificial flavours, preservatives, and fillers.

How about that all meat "diet" .. you know the one where its ok to eat pork rinds because its not a carb (hun?!?!? ) will you lose weight for a little while? Yep.. your body for into ketogenic fat burning.. but guess what.. when it realizes this and you start doing the opposite.. not to even mention vitamin, mineral counts, cholesterol levels etc et

Juice diets,  paleo,  cleanses, gluten free (when not medically necessary), pre-made frozen meals, blah blah blah ... people like to give a name to something, register it and start making money from it.... when really all you need is a little common sense.

Put down the cheesies,  grab an apple, and go for a walk after supper... and fix that idea in your head that the only way to beautiful is to be a size 2. 

Want to know whats beautiful? Here are some examples:

-radiant glowing skin from having excellent interior health & taking care of it
-muscles, curves,
-sweat and the heart health that comes with it
-confidence in this world that is full of self ridicule, and unrealistic beauty images
-bright big welcoming smile
-love for others and love for yourself

Dont get me wrong..I dont want fat on my body. I am willing to work my butt off to lose it. I am, however, still happy and comfortable in my own skin and although it may take longer to reach my goal, it will be done in a way so that it stays off and guess what...that is not done by being a yo-yo dieter.

Make the right choices, set long term, life changing goals, and remember that you are beautiful creature!

In health and happiness,

Cookies for Breakfast (nom nom nom)

Breakfast is very important but sometimes (or all the time depending on your morning routine) we just dont have time to sit and eat something that will start our metabolism off to a burning start.

Here are some healthy and yummy breakfast COOKIES that you can grab and go any time of day.  Spend 30minutes mixing these up (one bowl!!!) And be prepared all week long. They are not suoer sweet..just right actually, but you can also warm them up and drizzle with a little REAL maple syrup too!

They are flourless,  sugarless,  and contain healthy fats, fruit, nuts, and complex carbs.

4cups quick oats (I use large flake)
4large bananas
1/2 c natural honey
1 1/2c coconut
1c coconut butter (oil)
1c ground flax seed
2c dried dates
1t sea salt
2tsp cinnamon
2c natural peanut butter

Mix and make big cookies! Bake 325° for about 20-25min . Still a touch soft :)


**if you are not yet familiar with coconut butter, I have a couple pictures to show you how it looks in the jar and what happens when heated. I will do a pist about how awesome this healthy fat is.. but trust me, it is good for you and delicious!

Clean eating day 7 Plus Cheat Meal!

So.. to stay sane and to be able to stick to your "diet" incorporating a cheat meal once a week will keep you happier.

A cheat meal can also be "kept" for a night out, dinner at a friends, or for something you habe really been craving.
Knowing I can have a cheat meal keeps me better focused on the rest of the week.

This weeks cheat meal.. pork ribs. First dry rub and cooked for a few hours on low then bbq with delish bbq sauce. I did have a glass of Arbonne full control so I can indulge and be full without ingesting my weeks worth of calories :) I also made a ceasars salad which is notorious for being bad for you.. i always make my own dressings and this is a great way of controlling your ingredient list.. I also either make my own croutons or dont have any at all..just using thick cut bacon from my local butcher who uses local farms.

Healthy breakfast of greek yoghurt wild blueberries arbonne vanilla protein and hemp seeds (amazing and Will get their own post!!!)

Snack of apple "pizza" slices.. natural pb and toppings (a huge hit with my kids too!)

I also made some clean salmon cakes that are great hot or cold.

Eat clean, make healthy choices, drink your water, and love life!

I will keep occasionally posting healthy food options & recipes.

Clean eating day 6

Happy day 6!

Eggs and siracha first (after my water og course :)

Vitamins and supps

Then I made a quinoa breakfast with bananas , and maple syrup

Lunch was a jacked up Arbonne Smoothie and raw almonds

Supper was early and quick..half a smoked pork chop and quinoa veges mix.

And then a post workout evening "snack" from my girl Mercy who made delicious pork tenderloin and a risotto (that was easy on the cheese!)


Monday, 19 January 2015

Minor set back -pun intended :(

So ... this past week I have been struggling with a minor issue...lower back pain .

I am not 100% sure why as I certainly dont fit the profile of the majority of people who experience this (desk job, excess stomach fat, sedentary lifestyle etc.) But ..something is up for sure. I have still been able to work out this week but have stayed away from anything that is irritating.... and really focused on stretching,  rolling, and have been to the chiro and reflexologist... Friday was the absolute worst..I pretty much thought I was going to be sick and the pain began shooting down into my glutes and making my legs buckle.. since then it has been getting better but no working out...just stretch and roll and working on my back and sciatic reflexes in my feet which are super tight and sore. My soas (in the groin) is very tight from compensating for my back as well.

Here's hoping it loosens up soon. My glutes and hamstrings are very tight. A good friend, who is also an RMT gave me his vibrating thumper machine (yes yes...many jokes have been made) and it has been in good use this weekend and has helped with both pain and loosening muscles.

When you are injured,  no workout is worth it. Make sure you are healthy before pushing your body. You dont want to make things worse.

Know your body and LISTEN to it!

Here is to health and recovery!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Clean eating day 5

Day 5 already! Time flys my friends whether you eat healthy and get moving or not!
Same start as usual... water! !!
Breakfast was a protein pancake, (leftover) then vitamins and supps
Snack..which was post workout.. Arbonne shake, this time done up with yummy things like greens ...mmmmm
Lunch was chicken soup (leftover) and a toasted avocado, tomato and bacon (yes bacon!) Sandwich.. SO DELICIOUS. 

Snack was an Apple with PButter (sorry forgot the pic)

Supper salmon with almonds on lentil puree with mixed vegetable bean and quinoa salad

Snack.. chai tea with some salad and pb on Melba toast
*** I also added pics of the salmon as I bought a whole wild salmon and then deboned it at home. Im left the skin on and Cooke it skin side down on foil. When you serve the skin stays attached to the foil and the meat comes clean! I'm personally like it better with a pecan topping but almonds worked! Gracie is helping take out some pin bones :)

Friday, 9 January 2015

Clean eating day 4

Whoops.. woke up a little late this morning and the kids and I were on the run.. my eating schedule got pushed back a bit but thats no problem.. just remember - you need to eat every 2-3 hours regardless of if your wake up time is 4am or 10am.

Breakfast 8am 2 poached eggs on rye toast, half an orange (kept the other 4ish slices for later), glass of water
Out the door.. No time for a coffee..get to the gym!

Snack post workout on the run I brought some dehydrated apples (these are delicious!! And ingredient list is as follows: apples  . They are crunchy like a chip and oh so good) and I had two arbonne fit chews for protein.
Spent a couple hours with my sons class and brought them fun.

Lunch.. more like a snack again as I had decor to put up and not really a ton of time. Yoghurt (typically prefer the greek unflavoured unsweetened but I was in a rush) , the other half of my orange and some leftover protein pancake from the other morning.
With my second liter of water I was not feeling much like another snack so just had a fit chew to keep my metabolism humming along.

Supper I roasted a whole chicken and I took off the skin before eating. Sweet potatoes crispy, veges ..water . I added a little siracha to my chicken. It was moist but I needed a kick. ** this is very close to what a pre figure competition meal would look like without the corn and add another green veg. 

Curtis and the kids fully enjoyed the crispy chicken skin :/ .
After supper COFFEE ! Ya.. I had been looking forward to it all day :)

Snack.. I had made soup from the chicken carcass and leftover veg. So I had a small bowl for a snack and right before bed I also had a tea.
Happy ( clean) Eating!