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Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Comedy Act called the Gym :p

If you know me, you will know I am a "live and let live" kinda girl.

I dont get involved in others people decisions, lives and drama unless it affects me or my kids (then watch out ;) ) .

I can see good in everyone and I search and celebrate that, passing very little judgment as I find it a waste of time to be honest. In saying all of that, and after rheading a few fitness blogs I have found myself giggling on occasion at some of the different types of people who come to the gym and would love to share with all of you :) the peeps that I hang out with regularly and may have a few of these annoying habits myself... :/

1- The Fashionista ~ oh ya.. you know her... even though she is headed for a "workout" she looks like she could be hitting up the KG (thats a local bar ;) ). Face painted,  hair immaculate, the latestm lululemon matching outfit right down to the sneakers.. never breaks a sweat, giggling with the muscle heads, and posting onto smackbook about her awesone workout.

2- The Musclehead ~ you know the guy.. itsy bitsy teeny tiny tanktop, huge pecs shoulders and biceps, pic legs, never does cardio (you cant flex cardio), wears wrist wraps even on "leg day", can't hold a conversation about any other topic besides lifting, often comes across as intimidating but is really just a big teddy bear.

3- The Post Midlife Crisis Newbie ~ never seen the inside of a gym before, cones over prepared with supplements, gadgets, and equipment, and tries to turn back the hands of time..... all while doing his best to pick up the twenty something's to boost his ego.

4- The  65+ Plus Crowd ~ now this group is near and dear to my heart as I am able to workout mid morning and typically these are my peeps :D . Let me better explain .. they take their time, slow and steady, often sporting knitted polo sweaters and deck shoes, they look at anyone who can do a push up as a god/goddess , and often need a helping hand getting into and out of machines. Occasionally there is the super fit, jaw dropping 70 year old who can still hold a plank for 5min., by the majority are there for the social aspect and to get out of the house.

5- The Expert ~ you have your workout planned, have had a personal trainer go through the exercises, you have YouTubed and done your homework and you know what you are doing.. warm up.. get into it and oh ya.. here comes "The Expert".. and all of a sudden everything you are doing is wrong and what he/she tells you is what you should be doing. Is it ego? Is it honest wanting to help? Regardless..  you are doing it ALL WRONG.

6- The Machine Manipulator ~ this is one of my favorites..truly.. youtube has some really hilarious videos about this very topic..check them out. Let me break it down for you.. when you get to a machine, sit down and read the clearly designed obstructions that are attached to it. Much work by fitness professionals, engineers, doctors, and personal trainers go in to creating these. The only things you are doing is creating a excellent chance of hurting yourself, working muscle groups that were not intended,  and looking like an ass. If a machine is made for seated bicep curls, please dont turn around, handstand in front of it and wrangle your ankles into it and fling your body iver the edge to try to get a hamstring curl..... seriously ..people do this shit.

7- The Social Media Maven/Maverick ~ this often goes hand in hand with the fashionista and the musclehead but can be its own beast as well so deserves its own recognition. . Sending out instate photos, facebook updates and tweeting more then actually lifting or working out.. really, I couldnt care less EXCEPT, when you are doing it in the squat rack, on the leg press, or taking up time on any other equipment rather then using it for what it is for. Wanna chat/post/tweet?? Do it in the waiting room.

8-The Pick up "Artist" ~ He is the guy who is Always flexing in the mirror, makes a point of cutting in between your reps, asks you what song your listening to, what body part you are working today, how he us seeing some great results from your hard work, gives you some tips on how to really hit those inner thighs, asks about your meal plan, running shoes, gloves, if you need a workout partner and if you come every day at this time. DUDE we come to pick up weights.. not dates.

9- The Arrogant Personal Trainer - oh ya.. when you are getting dirty looks becasue you use another trainer, or non at all. Becasue thwre is no one on planet earth better then they are. Most PT 's are fantastic, get along well with others, and are open to other styles and training methods.. and then there are those that are not. Fun times.

10- All other Annoyingness.. you know..severe BO guy, old timer rocking the loose spandex, the girl who thinks the music in her earphones is playing for the rest of us, the guy who takes your booked treadmill or goes over his allotted time, the hypochondriac, the antiseptic spray bottle Nazi, the guy who thinks his mom works at the gym becasue he never puts his plates back, and although each of these could have their own categories...especially the guy who doesnt clean up after himself.. we can keave itat that for now. 

I do recommend the broscience videos on the evolution of lifting, or the what you of workout chick are you to delve even deeper into this topic ;) 

Like i said too, I can be guilty of many of the above. Be aware and know thyself!!!



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  1. Thank you for the comment crazyquiltlady :) funny but true for sure!