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Thursday, 6 November 2014

I am in love with Jacob :P

Wow.. what a workout!

Sorry Curtis, by I have fallen in love ♥♥♥♥ all over again and it is with THIS machine!  (no no not in the Joaquin Phoenix "Her" kinda way)

If you are looking for an intense workout that is easy on the joints, works the entire body, awesome cardio, and gets it done in under 30min.. this is the Jacobs ladder machine for you!

So.. typically im not a huge fan of the latest fitness crap craze.  I dont agree you need to spend $80+ on showing you how to do a crunchies/sit up.. BUT.. if I can get a killer workout..I mean the kind where sweat is stinging my eyes.. then let me at it!!

THIS is intense so dont think you can jump on and go your regular 45min treadmill ... first..  set your height on the strap ( lesson learned here with my first go round set at 5'4", my 5'9"+ frame was basically sprinting ) , then get comfortable with the motion. The bars will start to move.. the higher on the machine you are, the faster they move.

You know me. . I get board... :/ so I will HIIT it wilt alternating moderate speeds then going a quick 30bars then returning to pace.. or I will do knee lifts between steps or come up with some other variation! Ha!

Another option is to combine it with a rowing machine and bike. Maddy will push herself by doing 10min of each to use different muscle groups.

However you use it..just use it! I did 35minutes today but that was a lot..esp with the intervals. Start and aim for 5 or 10.. or when I started I tried climbing for 3songs..then moved up..oh and music is a MUST!! Keep your mind off of how stinking hard it is ;)

As you can see below I was pushed to the max.. I dont ever go to the gym and hope to stay looking good....but today, yikes .. sweaty girl.

My #3 treadmill may get a little lonely over the next few weeks until my crush on Jacob subsides... we will see.

Choose your path my friends!!! Xo

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