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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Popping pills

I have found some incredible things on the sale rack... i mean who doesnt like buying stuff at 10, 20  50%+ off right!?!?! 

This is all well and good until we stary talking pills. ... vitamins that is!!

Lets face it, the foods that are commercially grown nowadays just dont contain the same vitamins & minerals they used to.. and pair that with how scheduled filled, takeout style life we run, it is pretty much a guarantee that you are not getting the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, and probiotics that your body requires to work at its peak; and thats where excellent quality vitamins and suppliments come in. Vitamins dont replace a healthy diet.. they enhance it.

Inexpensive, quality lacking, poorly digestible vitamins are mass marketed and sold at bargain prices becasue they contain fillers, coatings that disable break down, binders and a whole lotta crap that actually can do more damage than good..if your body can even digest it!

Your vitamins should have an excellent absorption rate (rated by the ORAC score) and contain pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients with no fillers and definitly no mineral oil based coatings. 

Arbonne vitamins contain a multi vitamin, multimineral,  probiotics, supergreens and digestive and they have an incredible orac score... you feel the difference when you take them. Adhearing to European standards we follow a much more strict ingredient formulation process then North American standards.

Remeber, the FDA and health canada can only certify the contents of the pills...not if your body will absorb it.. know your pills before you pop them people!!!

What the average body needs depends on many things..size, shape, activity level, time spent outside,  sex (as in if you are male or female.. the other falls under activity level ;) )and of course your diet.

You should check with your doctor and do some research on what your body needs. I can tell you what I take.. I love the prepack Arbonne vitamins. The women's formula is specific for the GI Tract and is hif her in things we need most (iron for example) . I dont have to worry about combining different vitamins a and how much of each. I also take Arbonne Omega 3,  the joint support (hello bad knees!), and the arbonne Calcium though I get most of my calcium through food.

I also take BCAA's and creatine when I am hitting weights hard to help developers muscle and aid in recovery.

My body works more efficiently and I feel fantastic when vitamins and diet are on point. This is a non negotiable in my books even though I eat healthy. Excellent quality Vitamins are well worth it.


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