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Monday, 20 October 2014

No Time.... INTENSE Workout!

So I missed the boat on the whole spring cleaning thing. Mine is more of a late fall..frig the kids still have their summer cloths in their closet kinda cleanup. Spent the morning defrosting and cleaning out the fridge and freezer and drcided to hit the gym in the afternoon. Buzzing along at home I didnt leave myself much time to workout, sauna, blog, and shower and pick the kids up from school on time so I went to a good ole standby that realky works up a sweat in no time at all... BOXING.

Started with a Tabata type warm up... basically pick 8-12 exercises and do them full out for 30 seconds. I try not to rest between exercises just making sure I hit different groups.  Heres what I did:
Jumping jacks, speed skaters (knee issues so dont as intense), Russian twist, mountain climbers, wall sit, push up, high knees, side plank (30ea side), ab walk ups

I did two rounds and got pretty warm then grabbed the boxing gloves. I dont like the big ones but you need some padding.. and more then just your weight lifting gloves. .learned that lesson the hard way :/

I make up combinations of jabs, hooks and uppercut with adding some light knee kicks in too. I repeat whatever combination ive come up with for at least 20-30 per arm.

Lead jab, straight punch (30ea, 2 sides)
Body jab
Body hooks

After each side does 30 of each exercise I skip for a minute and repeat this sequence two more times

Then lead jab, second hook  (or the old 1-2) .. do these as fast as you can.. again 30/side repeat 3x times with skipping in between

Fast feet moves then with the 1-2 jab jump switch to left side lead jab 1-2 jump back to right Side lead jab. Repeat this 20x  3 sets... yikes... you will need a rest.

Then I drop sets of each move on each arm to finish up the workout

Lead jab 15 right side, 15 left,  right side 10, 10 left, 5right , 5ish left. Rest and repeat

Do this for each move.. jab, hook and uppercut and you will be sweating and breathing hard by the end of the session... rest between moves.

Proper boxing technique is important so do some research on stance,  posture, arm positions, and movement. I realky like Derek Panza youtube videos.. he is clear, knows what he is talking about and easy to look at ;).. picture below.. youre welcome .

K.. shower time! I have been sweating so much the salt is stinging my eyes.. fat crying my friends.. fat crying. You will be sore the next day.. but it is that muscle building..very productive, you know you had a killer workout day kinda sore that gets very very addicting!!! :D

Keep shining and keep sweating!!! Coco

Ps.. music is a must for this workout!! Something heavier a strong beat that you can crank right up!! The headstones were my personal choice today!  

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