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Sunday, 21 September 2014

You Are what You Write

YES, this is what my journal looks like..welcome to my brain!! ill post a pic every now and then so you can get a good idea :)
LOVE my Journal - Reminds me of a dear friend. Get something personal to you!
preprinted addition to my Journal - add in weight lifted

You need to keep a journal. You can talk about your time in the gym, your clean eating, how you are doing Everything right..but guess cant fool your journal. Looking at it in black and white really shows you how you are taking care of memory loss, no embellishing the truth, no white lies...

There are many many reasons to keep a journal!!

#1 - it keeps you accountable... you cant cheat your journal and so you can ACCURATLEY see your progress, where you need ot improve, when you cheated etc.  I have Not eaten a whole pie simply becasue i didnt want to see it in print! and the same goes for your exercise plan!

#2 - You will notice your habits, the things you do over and over again. This is important as your body gets used to things.  You cannot repeat the same workout for months on end and get the same results.  Or another example, you dont notice results in your obliques (side of your belly) but looking back you see your "regular" ab workout, and maybe it doesnt contain enough exercises you need to address that trouble area.

#3 - Your Goals will appear before your eyes!  Honestly - you write it down and becomes real, tangible, and your subconscious brain will put things in place to accomplish it! - Write it, Read it, Believe it!

#4 - It will help you track your progress. I LOVE seeing when i go up weight.  For example, Bicep curls - I am currently curling 12lbs.. the last time i did biceps I noticed I could be doing more, so in my journal I wrote - "Up weight to 15 next round" - well actually i just wrote an up arrow and a 15, but you get the idea.  Then I track my progress from 15, did i complete all reps? was it hard? etc SEEING NUMBERS go UP is such an incredible feeling!! your prgress is also shown in your body measurments, your BMI, your weight loss/gain etc.

#5 - And finally - it keeps you motivated! You are writing your workouts, your food, your progress and your feelings!!!  You add in motivational quotes, dream board pictures, recipies...whatever makes you happy, and keeps you going!!!

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